Welcome to our New Look!

Welcome to the new Ag Innovations! Formerly known as Ag Innovations Network, we’ve dropped the Network to put Innovation at the forefront of our name and public face. With fifteen years of experience focusing on the singular purpose of building a better food system through collaboration, our new and improved website repackages this history via an easier navigation that allows people to access and utilize our reports.

As you tour the website, you’ll find a thoughtful web architecture that allows you to investigate, both in summary and in great detail, the robust experience and outcomes that we have accumulated. You can access this information through a variety of channels. First and foremost, you’ll notice that we have clearly called out our three impact areas: Local Food, Water, and Working Lands. As you click on these impact areas, you will see information about past and current projects, our partners, reports and presentations, and a blog featuring unique Ag Innovations content.

We’ve selected these three impact areas because we feel they are of critical importance to delivering on our ultimate objective of working with our partners, currently and in the future, to build a better food system that leaves no one behind. We hope that you will read something that ignites new thoughts, actions, and partnerships that urge us ever-closer to solving the complex social problems facing all of us.

We’d also like to point your attention to our Approach page, which details our tried and true methods of collaboration, along with a blog dedicated to the topic of food systems methodology. As thought leaders, process designers, facilitators, and advisors – we feel it is our responsibility to share the wisdom we’ve gained through the years, and welcome new innovative feedback into our process. Please stay in touch with us via our website – continuously updated with new content – as well as our YouTubechannel, Facebook, and Twitter. Or, just send us an email.

And one last thing: you may have noticed our new logo. It was a strategic design to communicate our strategy and commitment on facilitating conversations that move sustainable food systems change. For those among us who are uninterested in decoding symbols, the icon is comprised of four sets of quotation marks that create the leaves of the conversations we believe can grow a sustainable and flourshing food system. Onward to great things! We look forward to being in touch with you!