Ag Innovations in Sebastopol is growing and we are looking to bring on a new Senior Facilitator to join our talented team. Our new Senior Facilitator will serve as process designer and lead facilitator for our change collaboration, public engagement, and general facilitation projects. With direction from the Executive Director, our ideal candidate will act as the team lead for projects and also coordinate with staff and consultants to ensure timely and outstanding outcomes.

In addition, as a senior member of our team you will have responsibilities for advising and implementing our strategic and tactical plans, project and programmatic profit and loss management, as well as provision of information to key stakeholders including the organization’s Board and key clients.



  • Clarifying project and meeting desired outcomes and ensuring those outcomes are attainable and in scope for the project.
  • Working with project stakeholders including clients, planning teams, and AI staff to identify process approaches and methods that are likely to achieve the desired outcomes. This includes advising on strategic considerations and approaches and providing successful models of engagement and project design.
  • Designing both process arcs and meeting agendas that use the best practices in the field to engage participants deeply and effectively in achieving the desired outcomes.
  • Facilitate meetings of all types including large and small groups in settings ranging from multi-day retreats, multi-month processes, to individual events.
  • Participating in the documentation of and writing about the AI process approach, methodology, and the marketing of it to prospective clients and new markets.
  • Participating as necessary in AI strategic and team-building activities, as well as in development of new projects.
  • Continually seeking to develop and learn professionally and improve your individual process design and facilitation practice and skills.
  • Serve as Project Lead on consulting assignments, with duties including budgeting and proposal development, developing contracts, relationship management and project management.  Supervise and support the assigned AI staff in fulfilling their role on your projects.
  • Cultivate opportunities for grants, contracts, or other funding for the realization of the organization’s mission.
  • Prospect and handle incoming business; write contracts and MOUs for new clients.
  • Travel up to 25% per month (4-6 times per month) to site locations within CA will be necessary.



  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field (sociology, psychology, community development, organizational development, business, or natural resource management) or equivalent work experience. Graduate degree preferred.
  • Significant experience or knowledge of California food, natural resources or agricultural systems.
  • At least 3 years of professional experience as the lead facilitator for complex groups, projects, or initiatives.


  • Significant experience or knowledge of facilitation, multi-stakeholder collaboration, public engagement.  Experience may include work in not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, academic institutions, or the private sector.
  • Training, certification, or equivalent experience demonstrating mastery of a theory-based approach to facilitating change.
  • Specialized training in group dynamics, group development, and advanced methodologies such as Theory U.
  • Previous leadership or participation in multi-stakeholder initiatives, collaborations, social innovation labs, or other designed process approaches to generating change.
  • Bilingual Spanish-English with the ability to facilitate in both languages is very helpful.
  • Aptitude and experience with a variety of technologies for supporting remote collaborations (e.g., Slack, Zoom, Kumu, Google Docs).


Each qualified candidate is invited to submit a resume and cover letter explaining why they would be an excellent fit for our Senior Facilitator position. Please send your resume and cover letter to us at:

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