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A Strategic, Connected, and Adaptive California Water Action Plan

In California’s multiple responses to the drought, there is one key initiative that remains relatively unknown: the California Water Action Plan (Plan).1,2 The Plan calls for coordinated action to address the dynamic and interconnected challenges faced by the state’s water system. Thus far, our ability to resolve these challenges has not kept pace with the increase […]

Nationally Recognized Food Systems Leader Joins Ag Innovations

Ag Innovations is pleased to announce that Lucy Norris has joined our team as our Regional Food Systems Program Director. In this role, Lucy leads Ag Innovations’ efforts to identify and develop creative solutions that assure the long-term viability of local food systems in California and around the country. She will identify project opportunities related to food systems, assess their feasibility, […]

5 Key Strategies to CRAE Success

Members of the California Roundtable on Agriculture and the Environment (CRAE) recently took some time to reflect on what strategies help CRAE function at its best. Five key strategies, which draw on ten years of collaborative problem solving in food systems, surfaced: 1. Setting clear objectives CRAE members try to maintain a clear sense of why they have come […]

Better meetings as simple as 1, 2, 3

Better meetings are our specialty, but you do not need to be an expert for your meetings to shine. In fact, we have three simple ideas that help guide our meeting design process and we invite you to try them. 1. Great meetings must always start with a clear statement of what results you are striving for. We […]

Welcome to our New Look!

Welcome to the new Ag Innovations! Formerly known as Ag Innovations Network, we’ve dropped the Network to put Innovation at the forefront of our name and public face. With fifteen years of experience focusing on the singular purpose of building a better food system through collaboration, our new and improved website repackages this history via an easier navigation that allows […]

Ag Innovations Adds Stellar Expertise to our Facilitation Team

Ag Innovations is pleased to announce the additions of Brooking Gatewood and Genevieve Taylor as Senior Facilitators. Joining Ag Innovations President Joseph McIntyre on the facilitation team, Brooking and Genevieve bring diverse expertise in social innovation labs, coalition-building, organizational development, and meeting and conference design and facilitation. Brooking Gatewood comes to us after a decade […]

Applying the Connectivity Approach: Kings Basin

Californians have long been pumping water out of the ground for consumption, hygiene, and other domestic uses, as well as to irrigate farms and sports fields. In fact, groundwater accounts for roughly 30% of the state’s water deliveries during normal years. The relative importance of groundwater escalates, however, during times of drought because there often […]


Growing Our Farms: Connecting Landowners & Prospective Farmers

California farmers are coping with unrelenting challenges – the most experienced are retiring, and the regulatory environment is growing increasingly complex, and markets. Compounding this reality is the tremendous cost of land throughout the Golden State, and emerging farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to acquire the acreage and infrastructure necessary to succeed in today’s agricultural economy. In response, communities […]


The Drought Blame Game

So, who really IS to blame for California’s drought? With media headlines demonizing the almond industry for their gallon-per-nut water usage and scolding urban populations for their lack of water conservation, there’s no clear-cut, single answer. The members of the California Roundtable on Agriculture and the Environment (CRAE) recently met to untangle the myths surrounding our current […]

But Is It Systems Change?

We use the term systems change a lot. It is what gets us up in the morning and keeps us going through the long weekends. But what is it and how do we know we are doing it? Daniel Kim, in his excellent Introduction to Systems Thinking, described a system as “any group of interacting, interrelated, or […]