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Santa Barbara Ag Futures Alliance

The Santa Barbara County Ag Futures Alliance (SBAFA) is dedicated “to promoting the long-term viability of agriculture in Santa Barbara County while addressing environmental and social concerns through an alliance that values dialogue and collaboration.”

The Alliance was formed in 2007 when leaders from the Santa Barbara County Farm Bureau and the Environmental Defense Center, invited a small group of growers, conservation interests, and community advocates to find common ground towards maintaining a viable agricultural industry in the county. Since its launch, the Alliance has done well in building trust across the historic divide between agricultural and environmental interests. The group’s Constitution, adopted by consensus in September 2008, and updated in 2012, represents the culmination of an intense effort to rise above past differences and find common principles to support win-win solutions for farmers/ranchers and the environment.

Since its inception, SBAFA has focused on community outreach, including hosting a series of educational forums and bus tours for members of the public as well as elected officials. In addition, SBAFA initiated the development of a countywide buffer ordinance that was adopted in April 2013 by the County Board of Supervisors.

SBAFA is currently supporting the County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office in releasing an economic analysis of the County’s agricultural industry, assessing potential policy activity around Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) issues at the county level, and looking to implement additional educational opportunities.


Agricultural Buffer Zone Ordinance Approved in Santa Barbara County

April 2013 The Santa Barbara County Agricultural Buffer Ordinance, initially drafted by SBAFA, was unanimously adopted by the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors.

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