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San Mateo Food System Alliance

The San Mateo County Food System Alliance (SMFSA) has been breaking ground for the Food System Alliance movement since its formation in November 2006. As the first Food System Alliance in California, the group has sought to bring together all the parts of the San Mateo County food system into a cohesive group capable of creating an ever healthier and more vibrant local food economy.

Throughout their seven-year history, the group has worked hard to hear and understand the very different perspectives on food and farming in the County from the views of “coast-side” farmers and fishermen to “bay-side” community service workers struggling against poverty and obesity. This is the first Alliance in California to seat both the County’s Agricultural Commissioner and its Public Health Officer, creating an unprecedented opportunity to link local food production to healthy citizens.

SMFSA members at Pie Ranch in Fall 2010. Recent Accomplishments & Projects


As Fresh As It Gets! Receives Funding from County to Support Ongoing Work

February 2014 As Fresh As It Gets, a promotion and marketing program developed to enhance the marketability, competitiveness and economic viability of San Mateo grown specialty crops, was allocated $80,000 from The San Mateo County Board of Supervisors to support AFAIG for the next two years.

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Impact of Sea Level Rise on CA’s Coastal Agriculture, Fishing & Aquaculture Industry 7/24

July 2013 The event will be held in Half Moon Bay on Wednesday, July 24th Impact of Sea Level Rise on California’s Coastal Agriculture, Fishing and Aquaculture Industry, and Tourism

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Half Moon Bay’s 22nd Annual Tour des Fleurs on 7/25 features SMFSA members’ farming operations

June 2013 Organized by the Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce, the Tour de Fleurs offers the public a once-a-year opportunity to tour local nurseries, farms, and the harbor.

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Jesse Cool at the San Mateo FSA’s 2nd Annual School/Afterschool Garden Ceremony on 4/27

The SMFSA, Get Healthy San Mateo County, and featured guest speaker Jesse Cool held the 2013 Annual School/Afterschool Garden Ceremony on Saturday 4/27.

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SMFSA Members Release Report: Farming and Farmland Report on San Mateo County Land Use

January 2013 SMFSA Members, Jered Lawson and Ned Conwell, and Pie Ranch staff Jessica Beckett released a report looking at farmland availability and preservation on San Mateo County.

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